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LED Bulb

Brand: OSRAM
Product Code: 6W/865 220-240V
Availability: In Stock
Ex Tax: ৳0.00
This product has a minimum quantity of 10

LED Bulb,

1.       3W LED Bulb, Code: LSEL12, Discounted Price: BDT 160/ Pcs

2.       5W LED Bulb, Code: LSEL14, Discounted Price: BDT 185/ Pcs

3.       7w LED Bulb, Code: LSEL14, Discounted Price: BDT 185/ Pcs

4.       9W LED Bulb, Code: LSEL17, Discounted Price: BDT 220/ Pcs

5.       12W LED Bulb, Code: LSEL19, Discounted Price: BDT 255/ Pcs

6.       15W LED Bulb, Code: LSEL21, Discounted Price: BDT 290/ Pcs

7.       18W LED Bulb, Code: LSEL22, Discounted Price: BDT 310/ Pcs

1.       40W LED Bulb, Code: LHME90, Discounted Price: BDT 1220/ Pcs

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